Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blu Cigs, electronic cigarettes- Intresting consept

An electronic cigarette that you can get without nicotine... Seems interesting so kind of like high tech candy cigarettes? Click the picture to get more info. Shown is the starter pack:
* 1x blu pack, holds 5 tips & charges your batteries on the go!
* 2x blu batteries in either black or white
* 1x wall charger & USB charger
* 1x carton of cartridges in flavor & strength of choice

Although no health claims have been evaluated by the FDA,I guess now you can look cool, pick a flavor so "smoking" is actually pleasant and not have to deal with addiction since you can get the cartridges in a variation that has 0mg of nicotine if you just want to look cool. I might have to ask if i can get a demo pack just because it is a cool tech toy.

blu Starter Kit

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Verizon Hub

I have just discovered the new Verizon Hub. It looks like a good idea but i would love to get one in my hands to try, but i don't know if that is worth $200 to me... I am off to the verizon wireless website to look up the press contact. If I can get a review unit i will post more about it.