Saturday, December 8, 2007

PDAnet ROCKS!!!!

It has been such a very long time since I posted anything but it is near the end of the semester and I found my self with some free time.

Today my DSL went out when it started snowing and someone hit a pole near my house so I thought that would be the perfect time to call Verizon and bug them about why I couldn't connect to the internet with my laptop when I pay them an extra $45 a month just for internet. The guy told me that they charge an ADDITIONAL $15 to allow tethering... by the time I got off the phone with him fuming the DSL was back up and I goggled "bypassing Verizon BBAConnect" and found PDAnet. It is an application that runs on your computer and PDA that passes all data through the phone and makes the network think that is is being generated by the phone bypassing the extra connection fee... for now it is a novelty but it will come in handy when i take my cross country trip next summer... it is awesome!! Normally I wouldn't condone such a thing but $60 a month for internet on my phone seems a bit extrema to me.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Comcast Idiots...

So yeah they must love me...

Chat id : 846a3b6d-7b43-4724-a9ad-8bd797321ca7
Problem : Billing/General Inquiry

Steve > Hello, thank you for contacting Comcast, my name is Steve, how may I help you with your bill?

Bryce > I was wondering if you offered any kind of incentive to keep customers from leaving because of the outrageous price hikes
Steve > One moment while l see who l can refer you for this.
Bryce > Ok
Steve > Website: 
Steve > Please go to that website, you will get information on that there.
Bryce > "javascript:void(0);" when I try to copy the url
Steve > Try clicking on it.
Bryce > yeah... I see that you have to double click
Steve > Sounds good.
Steve > Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Bryce > ok... I will go do that
Bryce > nope
Steve > Customer has closed chat and left the room

I then proceeded to send my match this price or I am leaving email to both the
digital cable and internet departments... we will see what they say...

More Comcast Problems

So yeah... I am a bit upset that the cable guy never bothered to show up and a week later I have still not received any response to my email... I will probably deal with it in a live chat later maybe even post the transcript...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Back To School...

School started back up again... not really bad I am taking two electronics classes... it is basically just like shop the only difference is that now I have a laptop that I am allowed to bring... makes looking stuff up so much nicer... more to come later in the week

Thursday, January 18, 2007

You Know Your Speed Is Bad When...

... Google takes more than 5 seconds to load.

And were talking the regular plain old Google not the new super hyped personalized version. oh and the Comcast tech support people need more shockey monkeys because they are not helpful at all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Comcraptic Speed

I used to get 5000 Kbps download and at least 450 Kbps upload with Adelphia then Comcast had to buy them... look at this little note from the speed test site (Compared to the average of 3534 tests from your download is 45% worse, upload is 14% worse)

Site Issues

well it turns out that it wasn't my Comcraptic internet... it was an issue with the DNS and the time to live settings for the site... but that's ok everything is good now... I am loving the not having to deal with getting the application for the blog up and running... all is good in my world

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The first post...

Well I got the custom URL setup but because my internet has become Comcraptic everything is cached. God knows how long it will take before I can see the updated site... all I see is the default server page... I now have to test the post by email and setup and test the mobile function... that should be fun.

This will be the blog that i actually use. (I think) I can post by email or from my phone so that should make it more convenient to post every day.